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Ted Hawkins has been involved in competitive sports and fitness the majority of his life. He is a certified CrossFit Level One Trainer, Certified in CrossFit Movement and Mobility for flexibility and injury prevention, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, an attendee of the Paleolithic Solution Nutrition Seminar, and former United States Ski Association Ski Racing coach. He has also done conditioning coaching for motocross and cycling. After spending his early years in motocross and ski racing, Ted found his passion in the gym training for bodybuilding, but found even more satisfaction in helping others to attain their goals in sport and fitness. He has recently competed in powerlifting and has won two Masters competitions and took 3rd in his weight class and 2nd in his age division at the US Strengthlifting Federation Nationals in January 2018.  He has also coached several men and women to prepare and compete in National powerlifting events. He also loves mountain biking and loves to help people to become stronger to benefit them not only on the bike, but recovering and preparing for the next ride or race. Ted has been helping people to perform to their potential for over 35 years and lives and breathes the lifestyle. Ted is available for Private Training and Semi Private Group Training.