S&C 02/02/19


Complete the following with a partner

AMRAP in 22 minutes of:

20 sit-ups

20 burpees

400M run *

* Partner A completes as many reps as possible of 20 sit-ups and 20 burpees while partner B runs 400M.  When partner B returns from the run, partners will switch roles with B picking up the couplet where partner A left off.  Continue in this fashion for 22 minutes alternating who is running and who is working on the couplet.

If you have a weight vest or body armor, wear it.

100% of all donations we collect will be forwarded to the Natalie Corona Memorial Fund setup by the Davis Police Department.  You may also contribute a donation directly by bringing a check to the Davis Police Department or by visiting https://paypal.me/NatalieCoronaFund.